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The Story


The fascinating story of the emergence of Czech JwL LUXURY PEARLS family jewelery dates back to 2008 and is a modern day fairytale.

Lenka Matoušková, the founder and current co-owner, did not know at the time that by performing fine motor exercises of her fingers, which had disappeared as a result of a neurological disorder called Multiple Sclerosis, would be the foundation of today's award-winning and sought-after jewelry specializing in genuine pearl products. That the work with the magical natural material of pearls is evidenced by the fact that the loss of fine motor fingers has not only stopped, but has partially returned.

Today, Lenka Matoušková and her husband Marek Matoušek are the owners of JWL Luxury Pearls, inc., known for the high quality of their products marketed in collections that create trends, but at affordable prices. Their products are so distinctive and exclusive there is no competition on the local market.

For their unique design and top quality, their jewelry is popular in many countries. They have had the honor to create a broach for collector Madeleine Albright, their jewels decorate Czech TV moderators every day, they have also been handed over as an official gift to the Czech Republic during international visits to Czech ministries or serve as a valuable gift to famous companies to their esteemed customers and partners.


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